Homeschool Buyers Co-op Special Promotion!

As you might be able to ascertain from the title of this post, we are running a special promotion at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! It’s for homeschoolers only (they can’t sell it to you unless you are a homeschooler) and it’s for 43% off of the yearly subscription. Go ahead, click that link.

ESL Site of the Month!

Grammaropolis has been named the ESL Site of the Month. It’s a great honor, and it’s also a reminder that 24% of the traffic to comes from outside the USA, with Spain and Brazil leading the way. Previous Site of the Month winners include Grammar Bytes and The Learning Network from the New York Times. read more

Help us make the single #1 on Sirius XM Kids Radio!

Welcome To Grammaropolis is getting heavy airplay on Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live! Doctor Noize’s last single, Banana, went straight to #1 on the national kids’ chart, and now the parts of speech need your help to do the same for their song. read more

The Joy of Sentence Diagramming. That’s Right, I Said It.

One of the core concepts of Grammaropolis is the visual representation of grammatical concepts. We can tell kids until we’re blue in the face that an adverb modifies an adjective, but it might take actually seeing that concept in action for a young grammar learner to fully grasp it. Sentence diagramming is similarly exciting to me. Yes, I know that by admitting that I risk the cool kids not sitting with me at lunch, but I’ve finally learned to embrace my grammar geekdom. read more

Awesome Grammar Has No Age Limit

First off, thanks to Cool Mom Picks for this great review of Grammaropolis. There are so many wonderful lines in there, but my favorite is, “…it’s like Grammar Rock and the Mr. Men books had an adorable love child.” The comparison is both flattering and, I think, appropriate. read more

In Defense of the Subordinating Conjunction

After her recent session with the word sort game, my sister got after me about conjunctions. It’s not the coordinating ones she minds so much (FANBOYS have never bothered her), nor does she really seem put off by the correlative conjunctions, those two words with the ellipses in between. Subordinating conjunctions? Now that’s another story. read more

“Welcome to Grammaropolis” Lyrics

It occurred to me, as I was thinking about Doctor Noize’s excellent contributions, that it might be a good idea to post the lyrics of his song, Welcome to Grammaropolis.

The words come fast and furious, and the tune is nefariously catchy. The goal has always been for kids to want to memorize the song and thereby (perhaps without even knowing it) memorize the roles of every part of speech. read more

Doctor Noize Is the Best

I just want to take a minute to recognize the extraordinary talents of my good friend and the songwriter for Welcome to Grammaropolis, Cory Cullinan—better known in the music world as Doctor Noize. Please visit his website and enjoy his first CD The Ballad of Phineas McBoofE (the first of many, to be sure) and the accompanying book. read more

What in the World is Grammaropolis?

I taught 7th Grade Writing for six years at Pinewood School in Los Altos Hills, California. The school had separate English classes for Literature and Writing, and I was therefore able to focus most of my class time on composition and grammar. Many of the students had come from Pinewood’s Lower and Middle Campuses, where there was an incredible effort to teach grammar, but about half the students came from schools with very little grammar background. This presented a challenge. How to teach grammar to a class where half the students could diagram noun clauses in their sleep while the other half had trouble with adjectives and adverbs? read more